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Zenity Features:

  1. FOSS Software
  2. Cross Platform Application
  3. Allow GTK+ Dialog Box Execution
  4. Command Line Tool
  5. Support in Shell Scripting


  1. Easy GUI Creation
  2. Less features than other complex Tools
  3. Enables shell scripts to interact with a GUI users
  4. Simple dialog creation is possible for graphical user interaction

zeinty Manual:


Display calendar dialog.
Display a dialog, asking “Can we proceed?”. The return c
ode will be 0 (true in shell) if OK is selected, and 1
(false) if Cancel is selected.
Display programming language list in a check list dialog with python, java and Dart pre selected.
Show a notification in the message tray.
Display a progress dialog while searching for all the postscript files in your home directory.
giving “date” command in entry box.
Output of “date” command showing in notification.

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